WesternIM is an information management consulting company offering a wide range of services for solving every day and as well as the unusual issues raised by our clients.

Within the many facets of Information Management and Governance, we work with our clients to achieve their goals using our unparalleled knowledge and experience in both electronic and physical records. We understand Information Governance and are very adept at putting the pieces together for our clients.

Areas of high interest in the world of Information Management :

Strategic Planning:business-people-analyzing-charts

Q: How can we use an IM system to solve or work with our business processes?

A: There are many options within this generation of solutions to build, manage and use workflows and tools to streamline process to within an organization. WesternIM has an extensive history in working with our clients to effectively achieve this.

Information Consulting:serie-1-my-hard-disk-the-270mb

Q: How do we govern our electronic information?

A: With our strong RM understand, we can work with you to develop, maintain and implement thorough and compliant retentions schedules to govern your information. This will allow you to keep clean and usable systems as you move forward.


WesternIM operates from Innovation Place, a research park on the University of Saskatchewan Campus in Saskatoon, providing client solutions across Canada and the USA.

WesternIM is a recognized leader in the Records and Information Management industry, and has participated in the development of many of today’s information management and governance standards.

We continue to research innovative solutions in information management and strive to bring this vision of the future to the clients we serve.